Alternative Treatments For Anxiety – Making the Natural Choice

Alternative treatments for anxiety provide an intriguing and desirable choice for the 19 million people who suffer from some form of anxiety disorder. Until recently, these individuals had to rely on traditional medications to help ease their symptoms but now the possibilities are much more diverse, offering the ability to overcome symptoms without having to expose yourself to serious side effects.The most commonly prescribed treatment for anxiety is anti-depressants or benzodiazepines such as Xanax. While these medications can help to alleviate symptoms, they also carry serious, often life threatening, side effects and they can be highly addictive, making them less than an ideal choice. Now there are alternative anxiety treatments available which not only ease symptoms but actually address the underlying cause to help provide long term results.Since the overwhelming feelings of fear and dread which are the main symptom of anxiety are caused by malfunction of the nervous system, in order to fully treat those symptoms it is also necessary to treat the nervous system itself. Alternative treatments for anxiety, particularly those using all natural ingredients, are designed with this goal in mind.The brain and nervous system work together to control emotional response and stabilize behavior. When the neurotransmitters which enable proper brain function are disturbed, emotional balance is also affected. Natural products provide alternative anxiety treatments which specifically target the function of neurotransmitters and help to restore equilibrium. The result is balanced moods and a positive mental attitude and a lack of anxiety symptoms.Natural solutions are based on centuries old knowledge of the healing properties of herbs and other plants. Relying on ingredients such as St. John’s Wort and Passion Flower, these natural products provide gentle soothing, to help calm nerves and stabilize moods. And they do so without side effects, making them safe for individuals of any age. Best of all these alternative treatments for anxiety are highly effective.There are other techniques and lifestyle changes which provide alternative anxiety treatments and have proven quite effective. Cognitive behavioral therapy is extremely helpful as it teaches you to alter the way you react to situations, allowing you to diffuse your fears. And relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga can calm the mind and allow you to focus better, easing the nerves and improving overall health.Other alternative treatments for anxiety include aromatherapy, dietary changes and increasing exercise. Lavender is particularly soothing and one of the most effective herbs for aromatherapy, helping individuals to relax and even allowing you to fall asleep more readily. Removing excess caffeine and sugar from the diet can help to change moods and foods rich in serotonin, like bananas and turkey, can also have a calming effect. And of course, getting plenty of exercise can help the entire body to function better.Anxiety may make you feel as if you’re trapped, but that is far from the truth. In fact, there are many treatments available now which can help you to calm your nerves, balance your mood and achieve emotional well being. So don’t feel that traditional medications are your only answer, consider making the natural choice and you can free yourself from anxiety forever.

Alternative Treatment For Uterine Fibroids

Despite the fact that fibroids are very common, they can be a difficult problem to deal with. The underlying issue is that unless you can eliminate the root cause, they will continue growing, even after surgery. This prompts many women to consider using alternative treatment for uterine fibroids.Very often, doctors will actually recommend a “wait and see” approach, even when your fibroids are large and your symptoms are severe. This is because they are fully aware that unless you can change your lifestyle and make reasonable changes to your diet and exercise pattern, any surgery will have been a waste of time. As uterine fibroids are rarely dangerous, many can see the logic behind this type of approach but for a busy woman who is suffering from intolerable symptoms with a reduced quality of life, this is hardly what she wants to hear!You may have heard of a drug which can cause uterine fibroids to shrink. Now whilst this is the case, it can only ever be a temporary measure prior to surgery as the fibroids begin growing again within weeks of the treatment being stopped. In addition, it can never be taken for more than a few months at a time due too the fact that it causes menopausal symptoms.Alternative treatment for uterine fibroids should consist of a “whole body” or holistic approach. One of the common causes of fibroids is an excess of estrogen. Now not all women with excess estrogen will have fibroids, but almost all women with fibroids will have an elevated level of estrogen. So, although this is never an “only” cause, it is nearly always part of the problem.Estrogen is related to body fat, and is stored in and manufactured by the fat cells in your body. Therefore, maintaining a healthy weight is a good way of naturally reducing this hormone. Some women have a tendency to store estrogen mimicking substances in the liver, which are derived from environmental toxins or pesticides and these can be notoriously difficult to eliminate. One good alternative treatment for uterine fibroids is to undergo a strict liver detox, possibly including herbal treatment.For other women, having a condition which makes them prone to various inflammatory conditions can make fibroids more likely. Therefore, eating foods which have natural anti-inflammatory properties, such as hops, oats and cumin is thought to help.Other worthwhile alternative treatment for uterine fibroids includes taking regular exercise and eating a good healthy diet low in animal fat and rich in fresh fruits and vegetables.If you are prepared to put in some time and effort yourself, there is much you can do to help. Indeed, many women have found that it is entirely possible to eradicate their symptoms completely by using natural methods. However, this is not a “quick-fix” method and you must be prepared to make changes.